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What is SFT?

Solution Focused Therapy draws on many models of therapy such as Evolutionary Psychology, CBT, NLP, Neuroscience and Mindfulness to create the most up to date and effective way of helping us not just understand the way our brains works but to use effective tools to use it to the best possible outcome. 


Its approach combines the idea that we are all biologically born ‘wired to survive’ with the fact that our brains are malleable and so our environment can rewire our brains and impact the way we think and behave.


Humans have evolved to have bigger, better and more intellectual brains that allow us to have emotional and intellectual perspectives. Our other animal counterparts cannot think much beyond  just simple fight or flight.


We have evolved to have the capacity to introspect and ruminate over the past, forecast the future and as a result we can get stuck in a negative pattern of behavior and thinking that in anticipation of events that may happen or indeed in reflection of events that are now passed and out of our control to change.


If you consider a safari where a man is taking a picture of a zebra drinking from a waterhole.  A lion enters the picture and both man and  zebra flee to survive.


However, while the Zebra will literally shake off the chase and continue grazing. The man would be left scared and on high alert. He would be thinking about the attack and replaying it in his mind- even telling his friends. He would probably avoid the waterhole at all costs and be constantly checking for any sign of the lion’s return.


This reaction of fight or flight followed by imagining and predicting the event to occur again, is the result of having both our primitive brain and the evolved intellectual brain at work at the same time.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help us understand how and why our brains work the way they do and helps us comprehend that  our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all linked.


The techniques used such as breathing, mindfulness, deep relaxation, goal setting, positive visualisation- are all positive, easy, fun and future facing.


Learning these skills and having that toolbox of techniques, means kids can become resilient in stressful situations and take back control.


If you want to research a bit more there is a much more on my therapy site



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