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To Limbic the world is a big scarey place. However, right now, lots of people are feeling a bit anxious and that is ok.


Just like Limbic, Oscar, Lyra and Daisy, if we stick together and stay positive, we can help each other until this passes, and it will.


 It is really important that we all stay safe and follow what the doctors recommend. But that might mean staying away from others for a little while which can get a little bit boring and for some a little lonely. Especially if you are an older person who usually looks forward to their family coming to visit them.

So Limbic and his friends have come up with a great idea to spread some happiness. We all love getting pos., So every week we are going to send a kindness package to a care home in Clevedon filled with lots of messages and pictures to cheer up those who might feel lonely. 


 If you would like to paint or draw something..maybe you are great at writing poems to make people smile? Whatever you think might brighten someone's day- lets spread the message of togetherness and hope. Because remember how you think affects how you feel. So if we can help someone else smile they will think happy thoughts and feel more pawsitive.


1) Wash your hands.


2) Create your artwork 

2) Ask you grown up to post it to this address


Silly Limbic & Friends

Underwood Cottage

Clevedon Road

BS21 7AL

- in the current lockdown, we are accepting scanned pictures too and we will print our end. 


3) Follow Silly Limbic on Instagram, Facebook or on here to see some pictures of everyone's artwork arriving and to read thank you messages from the lovely ladies and gents who received one.

** Royal mail have assured the UK that mail is safe however, all artwork will be quarantined for 72 hours a precaution. 

Lets get making art with heart!





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