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Silly Limbic


Oscar is an lovely boy who struggles to fit in because he often gets more scared, angry or sad than other kids. He has a very special friend Limbic the Dog whom he can only see. Limbic is always with him and trys to keep him safe.



This is Limbic. He adores Oscar and would do anything to keep him safe. However, Limbic can get confused, he gets frightened, cross and sad over irrational things. This give Oscar anxiety, depression or anger. He is always looking for potential dangers and takes his job to keep Oscar safe very seriously. He doesn’t always consider if Oscar is happy as long as he is safe.







Daisy is the smart brave girl next door and Oscar looks up to her. He wishes he could be more like her as she is always off on adventures and seems to act care free. But Daisy also has a secret, she is able to be like this because she has learnt to take control and be logical and rational when she gets stressed.









 Daisy has a dog friend too- Lyra the dog. Just like Limbic, only Daisy can see Lyra. However, she has trained Lyra using positive rewards to help her realise when she is being silly and overreacting.

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