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Naomi Harvey



I am a  fully qualified Solution Focused Psychotherapist (HPD) practicing in SFT Hypnotherapy (MNCH).


I have spent the past 10 years working in Development as a Producer.

 Between Psychology and working in the Media I have spent the past decade listening to people's stories. One thing it has taught me is that we learn best through stories. This could be our own story or reading someone elses.



As we move through life, our story and our character grows and develops with us. However, some of us can get stuck re-reading old chapters and become fearful of turning the page to see what comes next.



 In my clinic I help people to reclaim their story, to write their own endings and to get excited again about their future. I have personal experience of depression and anxiety so I know how debilitating and how lonely it can feel. It is why I decided to pursue a career in SFT as it helped me and I wanted to help others.



My passion in life is to help people achieve their best possible version of themselves and to help promote mental first aid. Especially with young people and children.



 We don't think twice about applying a band-aid to a cut, taking a pill to cure a headache or eating a healthy diet to change our body. But when it comes to healing and maintaining our minds we all too often disregard the most basic and simple things we can do to help ourselves.



We need to build emotional intelligence into our school cirriculum. We need to help children to understand the way their bodies and minds are connected and show them that emotions have an evolutionary purpose but our reaction to them and our behaviours are under our control. We need ot teach them how to cope, how to communicate and how to better understand themselves and others so we can create empathy and drive connection.

We are seeing an epidemic of mental health issues and of lonliness. These two things can be helped if we simply understood ourselves and each other better.



 I am fully insured member of the National Hypnotherapy Council.


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