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Oscar is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary friend. Limbic the invisible dog. 

Limbic is always by Oscars side to protect him. However, he can be silly and read the situation horribly wrong.

When the fair comes to town, Oscar wants to go but Limbic has other ideas. Can Oscar learn how to train Silly Limbic?


The characters in this book are based on neuroscience and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. They represent parts of the brain- the Limbic system is the part that both protects us but also causes us to feel depressed, anxious and angry.


These books are designed to be a tool to start a conversation with children about feelings and emotions and help them learn therapeutic tools that will help them understand how to control them.


Fun games and tasks can be downloaded for teachers, parents and children at



Silly Limbic: A tail of bravery

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